1.1 General

At-con Engineering & Architectural consultancy plc was established in 2008 G.C to provide a compressive range of consulting services for governmental, private sector and public enterprises in the field of Highway Engineering, Structural Engineering, Water resource Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Architecture and other related works. These services cover activities of project identification, feasibility studies, detailed design, and design revision, evaluation of projects and construction and supervision together with contract administration.

At-Con is established and managed by high level professionals that have long years of professional experience in their respective fields of specialization. Here below, the detail of wide range of services and experiences in which At-con Engineering & Architectural consultancy plc has passed in the execution of capacity building, infrastructure development and other related civil work projects in Ethiopia is described.

1.3 At-Con Vision

To be the leading international company in the areas of its engagement where At-Con becomes a company appointed in diverse fields of high way and bridges, water resources management, high rise building structures, and prefab steel structures works that is nationally and internationally competent and having adequate facilities in personnel, capacity & laboratory facilities within the coming five years period of time.

1.4 At-Con Purpose

At-Con strives to promote professionalism, creativity and cooperation where it becomes a venue and hub for creative and visionary minds for the cause of satisfaction of the sole and prosperity of the hearts and minds of its members in particular and stake holders in general.

At-Con purposefully selects new areas of involvement to expand its social and economic contribution that will eventually have national and regional significance.

1.2. Background

The firm is owned and founded by two family member practicing professional Civil Engineers on a shareholding basis. Two of the Engineers are highly experienced and with recognized professional career in their particular fields of specialization. The number of professionals is justified by the capacity of the firm to mobilize qualified professional personnel all at its avail at any required time.

At-con is registered under the relevant issuing authority i.e. Construction Regulatory and Capacity Building in 2002 E.C, under trade license registration number BO/CAE 255, for doing professional consultancy on Roads & Bridges, Buildings, Architectural, Water works and other related civil works, the firm started its business on the same calendar year.

1.5 At-Con Mission

At-Con mission is to contribute to the development of Ethiopia, primarily, and other African Countries at large through creating conducive and attractive environment for professionalism, and creativity with an outstanding financial result by which the company, and its associates benefit, prosper and harvest professional satisfaction.

1.6 Objective of At-Con

The firm has the following unlimited basic objectives:

·    Provision of required professional services

·    Savings in construction economy

·    Adaptation of beneficiary new engineering and construction technologies

·    Creating equal opportunity employment environment

·    Playing a significant role in national development

Therefore, the specific and immediate objective of At-Con is then to avail the required professional, financial and other resources in a very unique and creative manner so as to reach its aspired goal of entering the consulting service market as a company reputable internationally.